Same-Day Dental Implants: A Revolutionary Approach to Tooth Replacement

same-day dental implants

Getting missing teeth replaced can be a long and arduous journey. The medical procedure itself takes months. But if the dentist finds you a good candidate, he might suggest same-day dental implants. Yes, that means you can go home with a new tooth immediately.

The idea of wearing dentures for months while your implants heal sounds uncomfortable. The same-day implant technique exponentially minimizes the time you are without a smile. In this blog, we will be exploring same-day dental implant treatment in detail.

What is a Same-Day Dental Implant?

As the name suggests, same-day dental implant means replacing your missing tooth in one visit. How is this even possible? Thanks to cutting-edge advances in dental technology during the 90s, like cone-beam CT scans and computer-guided surgery. We can now create accurate 3D models of your jawbone, along with the ability to perform highly precise surgery. Essential technology for this treatment, which is not only fast but strategic as well. The same-day dental implant treatment depends heavily on the technology available and the clinician’s proficiency and is mostly performed in cases of missing front or visible teeth. 

Let’s take a nuanced dive into the details of this treatment:

Who is this treatment for?

Same-day treatment is revolutionary, but it’s important to know that not everyone is an ideal candidate. Our clinician will carefully assess whether you fit the requirements first, which may include sufficient bone density, lifestyle factors (smoking, diabetes, oral health), and the jaw’s bite force (how much stress the implant site will endure). f you’re curious about same-day implants and getting a full set of new teeth, a consultation with us is the best way to determine your suitability!

The Process


A 3D model of your mouth might be taken using the latest scanning technology (most commonly cone-beam CT technology). This highly detailed model helps the clinician decide where to place the implant. They might use software to create your unique implant and place it at the optimal angle and force distribution position.

Extraction (Case-to-case basis)

Conventional tooth extraction methods like rocking the tooth or sectioning off pieces traumatize the socket (the hole that is left behind). This complicates things because for the same-day implant treatment, we need the socket as intact as possible to immediately support the dental implant. The natural healing process thereafter also makes the process harder, as the blood clot shrinks the socket significantly. Less trauma to the socket also helps minimize post-op pain for the patient. 

In a situation like this, the dentist might use Atraumatic Extraction, a technique that prioritizes protecting the socket. Instead of wriggling and prying, the tooth is carefully loosened using special instruments designed to minimize trauma to the surrounding bone. The goal is to get the tooth out in one piece, keeping the walls of the socket as safe as possible.

Implant Placement

To accurately drill into the jawbone for the implant, a precise sense of depth and angle is required. The dentist will create a “guide” using 3D modeling software and scans- think of it as a blueprint to your mouth. It’s a physical model, often made of clear plastic, that fits over your teeth or gums. There are tiny sleeves on the guide in the exact locations where the implant holes need to be drilled. 

This ensures primary stability and maximizes the future success of the treatment, including the placement of permanent teeth. This also helps, among other things, in keeping a safe distance from vital areas like nerves and sinuses, as the 3D scans show their exact locations.

A titanium implant is then safely drilled into the socket using specially designed drills that fit perfectly through the guide’s sleeves. They might use a sharper, bone-engaging screw design, unlike those traditionally used, to create a better grip. 

Now our implant needs enough initial “grip” in the jawbone to support the temporary crown right away. The dentist will check if the implant that was placed is solid and does not wiggle. If not, then primary stability has been achieved.

Temporary Crown

The temporary crown means immediate confidence. You don’t need to go a single day more with a missing tooth. Using shade guides and molds of your remaining teeth, these teeth are made to look as natural as possible. Their material is usually made of acrylic or composite resin, which can be polished to mimic the exact light-reflecting properties of your real enamel. It’s that precise. 

Bear in mind that this temporary crown is not made to handle the job of an actual permanent tooth, you might have to follow a soft diet and avoid hard foods. That means saying goodbye to candy for a couple of weeks. The dentist might also slightly adjust your bite so that the temporary crown doesn’t make heavy contact when chewing.

Long term success

Our treatment is yet to be done. Osseointegration is the remarkable biological process in which the living jawbone directly fuses itself with the titanium implant. This is the same process on which conventional dental implant treatments rely on, the key difference between an “implant” and a “fake-tooth” stuck in place. This will actualize in a process of healing where a blood clot will form. 

In our case, the osseointegration process might be more optimized due to the temporary crown. How? Well, in treatments that take a longer while to install implants, the socket is left undisturbed. But in our case, we have installed a new, readily usable temporary crown immediately. According to some studies, this might even send subtle signals to the brain that this area needs reinforcement. Resulting in more active bone cells around the implant, encouraging stronger osseointegration (source).

Several months of healing later, your jawbone has formed a strong bond with the implant. It is time to get the final, permanent crown installed, which can fully withstand the forces of biting and chewing. The final crown is usually made of porcelain and offers durability and lifelike restoration of your tooth. You might need to visit the dentist intermittently but for the most part the process is done! Happy smiling!


Same-day dental implants revolutionize tooth replacement! You want a new smile in a single day? We have you covered. This approach really saves you time. If you have missing or damaged teeth, or want to enhance your smile’s appearance, same-day implants offer a speedy and strategic solution.
Unsure if they’re right for you? AZ Implant Clinic, a leading Phoenix dental provider, is here to help. Our expert team will guide you through every step, from your initial consultation to aftercare, ensuring you achieve the confident smile you deserve. Contact us today to explore your options!

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